Hometick prevention doverLittle Known Facts About Ticks

Little Known Facts About Ticks

Ticks are nasty creatures that really serve no viable purpose.  With this in mind, it is important that we focus on tick prevention dover.  If we fail to remove the ticks, they will spread disease and other nasty side effects.

Tick Saliva

The most dangerous part of the tick is the saliva.  When a tick attaches itself to the skin it will start to release saliva.  The saliva will enter into the blood stream of the one the tick has found preventing the blood from clotting.  If you are someone who has issues with clotting blood it is vital that you stay away from ticks and get immediate medical attention if bitten.

Remove ticks as soon as possible

tick prevention dover

If you find a tick don’t panic.  However, you don’t want to wait either.  When you are bitten by a tick they will start to send poison into your system.  The poison will take some time to reach your vital organs but once they do you will start to feel the reaction to the infection.

Wear light colored clothing

Ticks can’t see light colors.  This is why you want to wear light clothing.  If you wear dark clothing such as black it will attract ticks. 

Avoid tall grass

Ticks like to live in tall grass and wet areas.  If you have swamps, ponds and other tall grass in your area you want to stay out of these areas.  If you do need to enter these areas you want to wear long clothing, gloves and make sure you are covered as much as possible.  When you leave these area and are done with your tasks have someone check you over from head to toe. 

Keep dogs and other animals protected

Humans are not the only ones affected by ticks.  You want to make sure that you check your pets as well.  Dogs and cats will tend to travel into tick infested areas and will be more perceptible to being bitten.  If this happens you want to remove the tick as quickly as possible and take your pet to the vet for a checkup.